Being a single mother is probably one of the toughest jobs on earth. Raising kids is hard enough on its own but also having to work to put food on the table by yourself is a constant struggle.

This is Lauren’s story.

Lauren grew up in a low-income community where crime and drugs ran rampant. She saw generations of the community fall into the same socio-economic traps and fail to crawl up the ladder. At the age of 20 she had her first child, and from then on, she knew that she had to make a change if she wanted her child to have a chance for a good education and a good job when they grew older.

She held down two jobs, working day-in and day-out to provide for her small family but was still having struggles making ends meet. That’s when she found Grameen America. Grameen America provided her with the financial tools she needed to make her small business idea a reality. Since she was young, she was fascinated with flowers and dreamed of one day owning and operating her very own floral shop.

With the microloans from Grameen America, Lauren opened her new floral store a few years back and ever since business has been booming. She provides a wide variety of flowers for her community members at affordable rates, and because of this increased economic activity, she can give back to her community to help make a difference and foster new growth unseen for decades.

This is just one of many success stories around the nation. Many people have great ideas but no financial means to make them happen. We believe that with the right attitude, perseverance and a helping hand, we can make a positive impact in communities around the nation.

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