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Beating All Odds

Some believe that women in America have it better than in other places in the world, but that is not always the case.  Sometimes women have no family support, difficulty cutting through red tape to get the benefits they need, and families they care for on their own.  Life for women in these circumstances is difficult, and stressful. They can’t admit that they have it easier than people in other parts of the world, because they are in the trenches. These are the women that are in need of help, and for them, a $1500 microloan can change their world.

Herlinda came to the United States in 2004, from Mexico. She sold ice cream from home to help support her family, but it wasn’t enough.  She was incapable of growing her business, she lacked the tools she needed, and she was out of space.  Sadly, she didn’t have the credit history she needed for a loan, and she hit a dead end. Grameen America stepped in where banks had failed, and supplied Herlinda with the money she needed to grow in 2014. Herlinda has used other microloans since then, each one helping her to expand and update her business.  Along with 6 other employees, Herlinda has a successful business that enables her to support her three children, but gives her the confidence and self-sufficiency she so desperately needed.

Entrepreneurship changes women’s lives in a dramatic way. Women who previously had to depend on government assistance, child support, or the generosity of family members are able to stand on their own feet.  It teaches their daughters that they are powerful, and capable of accomplishing great things. No longer are women like Herlinda limited by their life circumstances, they are changing their lives with micro-loans. Spark Pod believes in women like Herlinda, and we believe in empowering them to keep their hopes and dreams alive.