Filter your Shower Water

by Wassim Shoucair on August 01, 2020

SparkPod's filtered shower head is composed of 2 parts that each serve a purpose. First comes a high-pressure shower head with 3 pressure-boosting options. Second is a 12-stage filtration technology embodied in a chrome capsule shape.

The showerhead is very easy to install and it comes with a brass swivel ballpoint to help you tilt the showerhead as you desire. As a family, as well as per your desire, the 3 pressure boosting options are there to cover all desired water blast ranges for maximum satisfaction. The nozzles are Nano Nozzles which on top of increasing the pressure of the water, it helps you save water and therefore money on your bills. They are also made of premium rubber material which makes them easy to clean by hand from calcium cumulations and lime buildup.

Amongst the 12-stages of the filtration is coconut activated carbon, alkaline ceramic, magnetic energy balls, and many more. These twelve layers come together to remove chlorine, toxins, and impurities from shower water. It also disinfects and oxygenates it and reduces impure odors, giving you and your children the cleanest shower water of all times.



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