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Empowering Rural Farmers

Empowering can change the way entire communities work and live. A good example is Kenyan village elder Joseph Wanyonyi and his community. The One Acre Fund has transformed his life and is empowering people all around the globe.
Empowering Rural Kenya Farmers
Western Kenya has rich soil and plenty of important crops - sugar cane, beans, maize and coffee - that feed the entire world. Unfortunately, there are many poor African communities that struggle with things that the developed world takes for granted. These problems include hunger, education and electricity. Some African farmers are underprivileged, but work hard to make ends meet. Back in 2011, Kenya farmer Joseph Wanyonyi enrolled in the One Acre Fund. He is proud of the advancements that have been made due to the One Acre Fund. Mr. Wanyonyi said "there is enough food in the community now because of One Acre Fund." Why should hard-working individuals suffer to make ends meet? Mr. Wanyonyi continued, "People now have surplus food, enough to sell in the market. They can send their kids to school, and start businesses in the community. Some people have even opened shops." After the first season working with One Acre Fund, Mr. Wanyonyi's maize harvest tripled.
Social Enterprise Pays Huge Dividends
What is better than having a portion of your payment for everyday products go towards socially-motivated, hard-working individuals to create self-sustainable communities? That is the mission of Spark Pod. There is plenty to go around, but unfortunately the primary producers seem to be left out. The world needs to offer a fair system, not imperialism. Nowadays, all communities should benefit equally. Spark Pod and One Acre Fund are showing the world how to achieve this social enterprise goal. Many corporations have charities giving back, but are they creating sustainable communities? No. Spark Pod and One Acre Fund are. They are teaching the poor how to fish, so they can create their own sustainable community.
One Acre Fund: Sustainability
Through your purchase of various products, you can fund the feel good stories of Kenya farmer Joseph Wanyonyi and others. You can help people build sustainable communities. Shouldn't that be the real goal of all social enterprise? You get high-quality merchandise and the world gets sustainable communities. Everyone wins. Spark Pod is dedicated to empowering people, helping them to attain their dreams. Join us in giving back.