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Airtight Coffee Container

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Coffee Lovers
  • ★ Airtight Freshness Seal – These premium canisters lock-in fresh flavors for grounds or whole beans and boast a CO2 valve release to keep your coffee flavorful and fresh.
  • High-Quality Stainless Steel – Each coffee storage container is BPA-free and crafted with a rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel for long-lasting quality and dishwasher safe cleaning.
  • ★ Calendar Date Wheel – The top of each container for coffee also features a smart dial calendar that lets you keep track of coffee freshness to avoid drinking stale coffee or avoid wasting expensive beans.
  • ★ Versatile Condiment Storage – Along with coffee beans or grounds you can also store other vital kitchen ingredients such as sugar, salt, flour, or other favorites. The snap-tight freshness seal works for everything!
  • ★ Home or Portable Use – The lock-tight lid and leak-proof design makes it easy to take this container with you to work, going camping, or just everyday kitchen use. EACH COFFEE CONTAINER WE CRAFT IS DESIGNED WITH YOUR SATISFACTION IN MIND. If you are not absolutely happy with your coffee canister, WE WILL REPLACE OR REFUND YOUR ORDER, no questions asked. CONTACT US directly and we will take care of you. WE LOVE TO HELP.

  • Product description

     Keep your coffee fresher and more delicious with a premium coffee container designed for modern kitchens!

    There’s nothing like keeping fresh coffee grounds or whole beans in your kitchen and enjoying them whenever the day is just starting or you’re winding down after a tough day at work.

    We want to help you keep them fresh and delicious with the ultimate SparkPod Coffee Storage Container crafted with heavy-duty stainless steel, an airtight freshness seal, and a rotating dial calendar on top so you can always maximize your coffee quality.

    These large coffee containers are made to be easy to fill, easy to use at home or on the go, and always keep your grounds fresh and protected. In fact, the CO2 release valve on top lets you safely release excess gas without exposing the grounds to oxygen, both extending their freshness date and making each cup of coffee one to remember.

    Product Details:

    • Coffee Container Canister (Large)
    • Includes Coffee Grounds Scoop
    • BPA-Free and Snap-Tight Closure
    • Airtight Freshness Seal
    • Stainless-Steel Craftsmanship
    • Reusable and Ecofriendly
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Guaranteed Satisfaction


    Get this multipurpose coffee container to keep your grounds fresh and ready for enjoyment.