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December 24, 2018


I received the item yesterday, 24-12-2018. What attracted me to the product was their tool-free installation. I am not handy person; thus, I was wary about installing it myself and not calling a plumber.
I decided to give it a go myself this morning, 25-12-2018 and it was as advertised. It is a tool-free installation. I unscrewed the shower head I was using, followed the instruction in the guide supplied, screwed in the "Sparkpod". Though I neither installed the restrictor, because for me, there is no such thing like too much pressure, nor did I use the teflon tape supplied: I did not need it. The Sparkpod shower head was screwed tight enough for it not to warrant it, there was no leak when I screwed it on without the tape.
The shower pressure is far better than the than the one I removed. I can say for sure, It worked as advertised and it was an easy tool-free installation and for a 'non-handy person' like me, it was the product for me.


January 31, 2018

Great value for incredible water pressure + social good

I was pleasantly surprised when this new shower head arrived at my home. The previous unit was functional but had such a small stream that it made showering in our upstairs bathroom less-than-desirable. Now that we've received this one, it actually is better than our downstairs shower due to the increased pressure. I love the fact that the pressure regulator is optional on this unit, it really makes a vast difference. The only complaint I have is the lousy teflon tape which was included in the package... it came off in strips that resembled floss with the texture of chewed bubble gum. With that being said, although unorthodox, I actually was able to use the tape just not as simply as I would have liked. If I had another roll, I would have used it instead. Tool-less installation lived up to its promise and the head was leak free on the first attempt (if you've installed more than a couple of shower heads, you likely know this is pretty exciting). Interesting note: the packaging suggests using a bar of soap on the threads prior to installation, whether this is the reason there were no leaks or not, I cannot say with certainty. It was an easy 'trick' and I'll be using it in the future, I've never thought of it, but this makes perfect sense for helping stop any minor leaks.


May 6, 2019

Wow, have some water!!

I was a bit skeptical about this shower head, due to my low water pressure. I couldn't see how going to a bigger shower head, would actually help my low water pressure. I received the shower head, and installed it, now it comes with these little restrictors you choose to use or not. I opted to not use them, again due to my low water pressure. After having used it for a few weeks now, I am thinking about installing the little red restrictors...…. :o) So far so good.

M. Portelos

January 2, 2018

Two are better than one

So there I was... banished to the upstairs after a bout of the VID. In my solace, my routine now required the use of our guest bath. I didn’t quite appreciate its glory, but upon my release to the general household I realized I had wasted years of my life showering like mere common folk.... well it was time for a change! I promptly conjured the digital bits of my commerce world and within a few minutes I had landed here... exactly where you are now... staring down the barrel of a life altering decision.
In that moment the wheels began to turn... “If one pleases the masses, surely two could please the most fickle of critics... my loving wife (pause to insert joke). My mind worked frantically, piecing together the necessary components. One by one, picking them off like a word class buck hunter, the “Add to Cart” button never stood a chance.
Upon arrival, I made haste and within a sitcoms crashendo, it was complete. I had removed those pesky restrictors as well so that now, if for the first time.. could feel something. That night I was blessed like the rains of Africa. An outer body experience like no other. Some say they have come so close to death that it has awakened their spirit to live. I believe, that in that moment, I came so close to truly being alive, that my spirit has been forever cleansed.


February 22, 2018

Bless the Rain

I've been looking for the right shower head for years. I've tried massage heads, multi-function heads, multi-head heads, and even heads with handles. Nothing felt just right. That is, nothing provided a satisfying shower while also providing enough pressure to get soap out of the mrs.'s hair. A true test. That's when I discovered the High Pressure Rain Shower Head from Spark Pod. Could the two things be combined? Was it truly possible? One could only hope.

The shower head arrived and was easy enough to instal. Unscrew the old one, put in the new one. That's all it took to change my showering experience forever. I bless the rain, dear reader, I bless the rain. And Mrs. Just In Review blesses the rain too.


December 23, 2018

Great pressure and volume!

Want to be drenched in your shower? Want to rinse off with ease? Get this shower head. Previously I bought a $35 delta shower head and it was a joke. Half the jets, twice the diameter making it feel like you have to aim for a few streams and hope you rinse off. This shower head lets out a column of water and it is perfect.
Install is just like any normal shower head, but I would suggest getting an extending arm with it for the best experience.
I didn’t use the restrictor that comes with it so I can’t say how it works with that in place.


May 6, 2019

Increases pressure alot !

This is the best shower head I have ever bought. I have low water pressure and have been through many different ones. This shower head somehow really increased the pressure!
Installation was easy. The nice thing, is they include plumber's tape, screens, and a restrictor in the packaging. Kind of nice. Setup took about 5 minutes, and proceeded to turn on the water. Everything held without a leak, and the water came down in a nice steady stream. My shower was rather nice, and the head seemed to distribute the water very well.
It really is great! I would definitely buy again.


September 9, 2018

Happy Again!

We had a shower head similar to this but had to replace it a few weeks ago, it was very old and just gave out. My husband got one (great brand) at local store that had all those different settings. We just left it on the one that put out the most water, but we just didn't like it, so I went hunting on Amazon and selected this shower head. It is wonderful, I can finally feel rinsed off of all the soap, etc. Granny is happy again, and down south if Granny's not happy, no one is, ha. Oh, it was easy for my husband to install, sorry I can't send a picture. We already had a longer pipe and he just connected it to that. Going to get another to have on hand.

 Sgt Press

 April 24, 2019

Fantastic Product

This is "the" most amazing shower head. It's the closest thing I have found to a 5 Star Luxury Spa experience, and I think its probably better than most. I installed it using a 13" extension from the water line in the shower stall, and with or without the "reducer", it gives an luxurious shower experience.
The only thing that I did was use my own Teflon plumbing tape, as the included tape is a little thin. This is a must have!!!!


 April 14, 2019

Let's at least give an accurate photo of the item. works well.

Wasn't really looking at the dimensions of this item when I first noticed it, but I did look at the pic with the girl and thought "Man, that thing is crazy big! I'll be completely soaked and done in 2 minutes!" Let's face it, it looks like this thing should be about the size of a Frisbee or large pizza (from the photo).'s about the size of a small bread plate. can be deceiving, and this was no exception. The unit is MUCH smaller than the seller's photo suggests. The unit arrived promptly. Immediately I thought I had gotten the wrong item because of the box size. Nope...this was it. Then...the thing is so light...and...made of plastic. Still, I kept thinking that with nearly 90% of the people giving it a 5-Star rating, there's got to be a hitch. The unit looked fine, but I couldn't get past the chromed plastic feel. Oh we go.

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