Getting rid of Chlorine and Fluoride

by Wassim Shoucair on July 31, 2020

Studies have shown that Chlorine and Fluoride are inhaled and absorbed through the skin during showering and bathing, which doubles the risk of bladder cancer and much more in the long term that is still unknown.

SparkPod's Filtered Shower Head is the ideal solution to this problem with its 12-stage filtration technology. The granular coconut activated carbon helps balance pH levels, which improve the performance of hair products, and is a plus for your skin.

Also, the KDF 55 filtration media is of the highest-quality brand to ensure maximum absorption of chlorine and heavy metals from your shower water.

Our Filtered Showerhead preserves water pressure through its easy flow design and it improves contact between the media and water for a better chlorine extraction. The showerhead included has a customizable showerhead experience thanks to its multi-settings pressure boosting selections.

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