Sparkpod Shower Head Extension Arm - 11" Solid Brass Shower Arm with Universal Connection to Showerheads - Easily Adjustable

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  • GREAT FOR RAIN SHOWER HEADS – Has a rotating elbow which facilitates the positioning of an elevated showerhead horizontally overhead to achieve maximum shower coverage
  • IDEAL SHOWER ADJUSTMENT – Allows adjustment of shower angle and height as desired. For greater coverage, raise the shower head. Lower the height of a hand-held shower head for easier reachability. Extend a rain shower head several inches from the bathroom wall for better showering coverage. Ideal for all shower head types including handheld, rainhead, multifunction among others
  • SOLID BUILD – Constructed using sturdy metal. Its swivel joints are tough and won't break or leak. The handle has a secure grip, is safe and easily tightened. It has a well-fortified jointed pivot
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION – You won't need a plumber. Simply twist it on. Installation takes a few minutes and you don't need any tools. Installation can be done on standard plumbing fixtures (comes with standard ½ inch threads). Teflon tape is provided for FREE
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Your SparkPod Shower Arm is made from superior quality materials by our expert designers. We are so confident with our product that we back it up with our no questions asked guarantee. What are you waiting for? Add to Cart now!