How to Make Showering FUNctional!

by Sayde Bahsa on October 25, 2022

A nice long shower is something that most if not all adults look forward to. Sadly, the same can’t be said for children.

So, how do I get my child to like showers?

This is a question most parents may ask themselves, in fact, chances are you’re here to find out just that. In this blog, we’re going to tell you about how to make showering less boring and more engaging for your children.

How to Make Showering FUNctional!

How to Make Showering FUNctional! 

Why Does My Child Dislike Showers?

There are many children who enjoy and look forward to bath or shower time, but there are just as many who don’t. Some of the reasons children may not particularly look forward to showering are:

Not being comfortable with or being afraid of water aka ablutophobia
Being scared of getting soap or shampoo in their eyes
Seeing showering as a long and boring task
Not liking the feeling of how soap or shampoo may feel or smell


It is also possible that your child is of an age where they just want to do them, in which case, showering might not rank very high on their list of priorities!

Whatever the reason, after reading some of the pointers here, you’ll be able to make a process that some children dread both enjoyable for your child and simpler for yourself.

How do I Make Showering More Fun For My Child?

One of the loveliest things about our young ones is that as stubborn, difficult, and confusing as they may sometimes be, they are just as curious, malleable, and open to suggestion.

As a parent trying to make showering more fun for your child, you can really use this openness to your advantage if you’re smart about it.

We’re going to go over some ways that you can get your child interested in showering, help them develop a sense of hygiene, and actually teach them to enjoy and look forward to the process.

Shampoo/Soap Shopping

The process of getting your children to shower doesn’t start within the bathroom or home. In a sense, it starts at the supermarket! There are two main reasons why it is important to be careful and selective about the cosmetic care and hygiene products you use for your children:

  1. Children have sensitive skin, hair, and eyes, which is why it is important to find products that are designed for children. It is also important to make sure the products you choose suit your child.
  2. You want to make sure what you select is something that appeals to your child’s senses and preferences.

Once you’ve established a line of products that are safe for your child, make them a part of the choosing process. Engage them in the smells, the colors, and maybe even the packaging and give them a sense of control over the situation.

If your children are given the freedom to choose their own bathing products  that look, smell, and feel appealing, it will surely encourage them to shower!

Toys and Gadgets

When it comes to things to make showering fun, you’ve got a lot of bathroom friendly toys designed to entertain kids while they’re cleaning up.

Don’t shy away from stocking your shower space with a rubber duck, a scuba action man, or any other bathroom-friendly toys you can find.

If a child finds water or showering unpleasant or uncomfortable, a little in-shower entertainment will likely go a long way!

The Gamification Aspect

Come up with a way to make showering feel like just another enjoyable activity – if you have more than one child, you could even make it competitive. Maybe reward your children with extra bedtime stories, their favorite ice cream, or anything else they like when they shower without your having to plead with them to!

If you pitch showers to your children to make them sound like an activity that can be enjoyed and something they might even be rewarded for, that’ll probably boost their enthusiasm.

Make it Educational

You can even engage your child and keep them occupied by helping them understand the importance of water conservation and mindful living. Let’s face it. We no longer live in a world where resources are beyond abundant and water shortages are as much of a concern here in the US as they are elsewhere.

It makes sense to gently teach our kids how to live in a way that is more sustainable - and shower time could be a great opportunity to do just that!

Teach your kids about being smart with water usage. Teach them about turning off the taps when putting on soap, and ask them what shower pressure they think would help save water and still keep them clean.

Distracting your child from the water and the mechanical act of showering with play and education solves the boring shower problem, while contributing to the development of a responsible future citizen.

SparkPod, the FUN Solution

Give yourself a pat on the back and praise yourself for wanting the best for your little ones. Having done that, bring your attention to another remarkable way to engage your children that is both fun and practical.

We’re talking about the Rainbow Shower Head from SparkPod.


How to Make Showering FUNctional!

Rainbow Shower Head

SparkPod’s rainbow shower head shoots down a torrent of water at high pressure that thoroughly drenches the body. The Rainbow shower head is a rustproof ABS plastic model. It features 90 Powered, easy to clean rubber jets that scrub away limescale and other mineral build-ups from your water.

Incredible Aesthetic

One of the things that makes this model a great addition to your shower space, especially if you’re trying to get your children to like showering, is the fact that it’s attractive.

The chrome waterproofing results in a dazzling rainbow effect that is bound to keep your kids entertained while they shower!

Install it With Your Kids

All it takes to install the rainbow shower head is just 5 minutes without any special tools. You will need to attach our universal shower head to your shower arm.

Teflon tape and an additional water filter are provided at no cost to facilitate installation as soon as your product arrives. You can easily take advantage of this DIY feature and involve your children in the process of installation!

Just the Right Pressure

The rainbow shower head is also equipped with an easily removable nozzle for cleaning, guaranteeing that you always have complete control over the exit pressure of the water.

As we mentioned above, children can sometimes dislike showering because water scares them or makes them uncomfortable. This feature allows you to adjust your shower’s spray to be as gentil as you need to in order to make your child feel safe and comfortable.

Alternatively, if your child enjoys a powerful water spray – that’s doable too!

Stress Less

This shower head requires little maintenance and can function for months if not years without any trouble. Not worrying about the plumbing gives you more room to focus on making those showers fun.

If you’re looking for the perfect shower head for children, this is it!

Rainbow Shower Arm

Apart from the rainbow shower head, our rainbow shower arm can also do wonders for you. The height and clearance issues you’ve been having in the shower will be something of the past with the help of this 6-inch shower arm.

Shower Arm Specs

The arm comes equipped with a flange. The standard American shower hose and faucet connection sizes make this an ideal choice.

To provide a watertight seal and to stop any leaks, each thread and groove is carefully defined. In addition, thicker than most shower pipes at 1.55 mm, the rainbow shower arm is strong in the face of rust, corrosion, and acid.

We understand that a dripping showerhead may ruin your day, which is why this showerhead extension arm is included.

Easy to Install

Instructions and all components needed for easy installation also come with the packaging. Rubber is included on the flange to protect the pipes of the shower arm and keep their chrome finish in pristine condition.

The SparkPod Shower Arm is also constructed from high-quality, long-lasting components.

The Importance of Childhood Experiences

Those of us who were lucky enough to have had childhoods that we fondly look back at – and those of us who weren’t, both know the importance of childhood experiences.

The littlest things from way back then impact us in the biggest ways as adults. In a sense, everything we go through in those early formative years, plays a profound role in shaping our personalities and even our lives.

Keeping this in mind, it stands to reason that as parents, we would want to make sure that the smallest things, even simple showers, are things that our children enjoy and feel safe doing. By offering our children that space and stability, we ensure healthy cognitive development, encourage healthy behaviors, and help seed and teach healthy habits!

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