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How Can I Make my Bathroom Look Fancy?
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How Can I Make my Bathroom Look Fancy?

Bathrooms can be tricky to decorate. On the one hand, you want them to be functional and practical; on the other hand, you want them to look stylish and elegant.

If you're at a loss for how to make your bathroom look fancy, don't worry!

We've got some tips for you. In this blog post, we'll discuss some simple ways to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom without spending a lot of money.

So read on, and get ready to take your bathroom from drab to fab!

How Can I Make my Bathroom Look Fancy?

How Can I Make my Bathroom Look Fancy

Luxury Bathroom Ideas

If you were scouring the internet in search of luxury bathroom ideas or ways to make your bathroom look classier, cozier, and better designed overall, we can help.

We’ve listed some ways in which you can make your bathroom look and feel extremely luxurious regardless of size, architectural design, or anything else.

These include: 

  • Keeping your bathroom clean
  • Making sure things are organized and placed well
  • Using white or solid colored bath linens 
  • Upgrading your showerhead
  • Revamping the lighting
  • Revamping the mirrors
  • Getting new hardware where needed

Keep Your Bathroom Clean

So, let’s start with the bare basics. Cleanliness goes a long way. The first thing you need to do is make sure your bathroom is kept as clean as possible.

We’re just not talking about scrubbing the floors to get rid of muddy shoe prints or keeping the toilet disinfected. You’d be surprised to know that as per one article, the most germs in your bathroom are found in the toothbrush holder!

That said, we’re not just telling you to focus all your attention on the toothbrush holder either. 

Make sure you clean your bathroom regularly as a clean bathroom is not just hygienic, it will look better too. 

The best part: It doesn't cost you anything!

Keep Bathroom Items Organized and Tucked Away

Once your bathroom is clean and disinfected, the next thing you want to do is organize a little. No one likes a mess and it will certainly do no favors when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of your space.

If you’ve got storage space in your bathroom, keep things like extra linens or towels out of sight. Spare toiletries should also be stored out of sight.

Depending on the kind of sink or attached bathroom counter you have, you might be able to arrange the following items in a way in which they look neat and aren’t scattered all over the place. For example:

  • Soap and toothbrush holders
  • Shampoos, colognes/perfumes
  • Any other vanity products 

Finally, if you’re someone who tends to leave dirty laundry on the ground, invest in a laundry basket. 

Organized and neat bathrooms are more appealing to the eye, and a lot more comfortable to use!

Use White Bath Linens 

If you want your bathroom to look luxurious, attention to detail is of extreme importance. It’s not just about the larger changes and adjustments. It’s the little things that matter too – the elements that add to your space in a manner of speaking. 

One thing that does add a touch of elegance is white bath linens. That said, where white may be the classic way to go, the color of linens you actually go for really depends on the general color scheme of your bathroom.

If you’ve got grey tiles and fixtures, maybe a linen color that complements the chosen overall color theme would be a better option. White however is a safe and sound way go to if you want your bathroom to look classy and luxurious. 

In any case, avoid :

  • Childish bathroom linens
  • Randomly colored ones
  • Anything that might disturb the general theme that you’re trying to achieve.

Upgrade Your Showerhead 

As we’ve mentioned above, the devil is in the details when it comes to making your bathroom look luxurious, and your fixtures certainly play a huge part.

Sources suggest that showers actually stimulate thinking!

You may find yourself wondering; how can I make my small shower feel luxurious? Apart from changing up your faucets and other shower fixtures, it may be helpful to invest in a deluxe shower head. 

Such luxury high pressure shower heads add serious value to your space – not to mention, they also look and feel absolutely amazing.

Lucky for you, here at SparkPod we carry a variety of luxurious showerheads!



SparkPod carries a variety of luxury rain shower heads


They're available in a range of different colors and designs which makes it easy for you to pick and choose one that perfectly suits the overall décor of your bathroom and shower space.

When it comes to luxury, aesthetic appeal is not the only thing these showerheads offer. Our easy-to-install showerheads are designed for convenience and simple maintenance.



Best of all: They're not a hassle to clean!

High pressure water spouts allow for soothing and enjoyable showers which rival those you would find in the best hotels or the most expensive homes.

Tip: Add one of our shower arm extensions pictured below.

SparkPod's luxurious High Pressure Rain Shower Head

Update Bathroom Lighting

Good lighting elevates one’s mood as per some studies. A well-lit space or a well thought out lighting arrangement will do wonders for your bathroom when it comes to making it look luxurious.

Make sure your bathroom is not too dimly lit and if you feel the lighting needs to be revamped, we recommend it. Finding the right kind of lighting will bring out the best in your bathroom (or any other space within the home for that matter).

It will also allow you to highlight areas and fixtures in a way that looks well thought out and extremely tasteful. 

A simple rule of thumb is to have more than one lighting option so that you can adjust the intensity of your light depending on your mood and your requirements at the time.

Mirror lighting is often helpful for when you need that touch of extra visibility while you’re getting ready to go somewhere and want to make sure that you’re looking well put together!

Update Vanity Mirrors 

If you’re not sure what a vanity mirror is, allow us to elaborate. A vanity mirror is just a more specific term for a mirror that is used when we’re getting ready, dressing up, applying makeup, or are applying any other finishing touches. 

Vanity mirrors come in a range of shapes and sizes from small round tabletop sized pieces and larger rectangular wall hanging designs, to six-foot-long stand-up versions.

Mirrors play a key role in establishing the aesthetic of a space. Depending on placement, they may also enhance lighting and make spaces look larger.  

Like with other elements and fixtures within your bathroom, make sure the mirrors go well with your existing theme and complement the surroundings. You can go for designs that are minimal if that is the look you’re after.

You could even go for vanity mirrors that are more elaborate if your bathroom décor leans more towards the fancy side. Vanity mirrors that are picked and chosen with the look of your bathroom in mind will certainly do wonders for your home aesthetic.

Update Hardware

Just like your showerhead, the other hardware and fixtures in your bathroom are what make the space come together and have a profound affect on visual appeal.

If you want your bathroom and shower to look luxurious, the last thing you need is old, worn, or cheaply manufactured hardware. 

Starting with your faucets, railings, handles, and piping, look around to see what hardware agrees with your bathroom’s aesthetic and what doesn’t. Keep in mind color compatibility and make sure to replace old, worn, and rusty hardware.

Finally, if you feel it would help to give your entire bathroom a facelift or slight overhaul, sink and toilet replacement might be the way to go. 

How Can I Make my Bathroom Look Fancy: Winding Down 

How Can I Make my Bathroom Look Fancy

There really is no limit to how creative you can get when trying to make your bathroom more functional, more inviting, and more aesthetically appealing.

Where some of us might not care much for how our bathrooms look, there are those of us for whom aesthetic appeal is near everything.

Keeping things neat and in order, following color schemes, going for more modern fixture designs, and overhauling hardware within your bathroom are all ways that ensure your space looks luxurious.

That said, luxury isn’t all about mere looks and aesthetic. It’s also about convenience, comfort, and functionality, and arguably, one of the places in your bathroom where the three matter most is your shower. 

If you’ve got the right kind of showerhead – one that looks appealing and offers the kind of features that add to overall practicality and comfort, you’re already making a statement!

If you ask us, we’d say:

  • Start with the showerheads
  • Move to the overall layout next
  • Attend to the other things mentioned above 

That way, you’ll raise the value of your space, make it more accessible to your family and ensure that regardless of size or amount spent; your bathroom looks hygienic, inviting, aesthetically impressive, comfortable, and extremely luxurious!  

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