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Why And How To Filter Your Shower Water
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Why And How To Filter Your Shower Water

Shower filters are becoming an increasingly popular feature in most homes the world over just as they are here in the US.

You may be someone who thinks that filtering shower water is unnecessary? It is common knowledge that making sure your drinking water is filtered and purified, is essential in many parts of the US, due to widespread water pollution.

Shower water is different though, isn’t it? It’s not like you’re using the shower as a hydration station?

So why filter shower water? Does it really make a difference? Is filtered water better to shower with? What is the purpose of a shower filter to begin with?

Why and how to filter your shower water

There are several frequently asked questions about shower filters that we’re going to try help with. These include:  

  • Should Shower Water be Filtered? 
  • Why do you Need a Shower Filter?  
  • Do Shower Filters Actually Work?  
  • Do Shower Filters Help Hair?  

We’re going to answer all these questions and a few more over the course of this blog so you can make a better, more informed decision about whether or not you feel a shower filter is a viable investment. 


Why and How to Filter your Shower Water 

Why and how to filter your shower water 

Should Shower Water be Filtered? 

The short answer to this question is yes, most of the time, it is advisable to filter your shower water.

There are two main reasons for this:

  1. The possible existence of pollutants within the water.
  2. The chemicals used to kill bacteria aren’t exactly friendly to the human body, hair and skin. 

Pollutants in Water   

A recent article published by the Guardian online discusses how the degree of contamination within the US water supply may be under reported. The article also goes over how clean water groups have been urging the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to be more thorough with their testing and to increase their sample size.

Suffice to say, the water here just isn’t as clean as it was once – a problem a lot of the world seems to be struggling with. Even if you disregard the synthetic pollutants, most water does contain a degree of bacteria and other organic matter.  

Chemicals for Purification 

If your tap water passes through a public disinfection system, then it's very likely that it contains either chlorine or chloramines, a slightly less volatile form of chlorine.

As per the CDC, both chlorine and chloramines are used as disinfectants in public water facility systems and are said to be added within limits not exceeding the percentage of what has been marked as safe.

Which of the two of these is used may vary from place to place, along with the degree and intensity of water treatment as per sources. Chlorine dioxide is another chemical belonging to the same group that can be used as an alternative for the two.  

Even though these chemicals are highly effective at killing bacteria that may spread disease like E.coli, it may not always have the best affect on our bodies.

Chlorine is used extensively to disinfect public swimming pools, and if you’ve been to one, you have probably noticed how the water in the pool makes your skin and hair feel once you come out.

Some of us even experience skin and eye irritation as well as breathing problems due to the chlorine present. According to Scientific American, irritation to the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract is not a result of the chlorine on its own, rather the result of contact with the bi-products of chlorine reacting with other impurities present in pool water.

The article however additionally states that chlorine may also react with substances present in the environment resulting in the creation of potentially carcinogenic bi-products known as THMs.  

Further, research conducted on the affect of extensive training in chlorinated swimming pools on swimmers clearly showed the manifestation of several adverse effects in test subjects. This included major irritation to the eyes and skin, as well as the development of other disease symptoms.  

The main point here is that whether we like it or not, the water most of us have access to is a lot less clean and a lot less free of contamination than it once was. 

How to Filter your Shower Water? 

The simplest and most straight forward way to filter your shower water is to invest in a shower filter. If you’re thinking about why you should buy and install a water filter for your shower, keep reading!


Filter your shower water with SparkPod's High Output Shower Filter Capsule


Why do you Need a Shower Filter? 

Any DIY alternatives you may be thinking about just won’t cut it, and if they do help a little, they will hardly be as effective as an actual shower filter.

Further, using the wrong materials in your DIY project might result in you adding more impurities to the water as opposed to removing them. In short, you need a specialized shower filter so you can be certain that the water you’re showering with is as pure as possible, with as little trouble as possible on your part.  

Do Shower Filters Actually Work?  

They do indeed! The chemicals and substances that water may contain mentioned above, can only be filtered out by a specialized attachment designed to do just that.

We’re talking about water filters – shower head filters in particular.

These shower head filters contain beads made of what is known as KDF (kinetic degradation fluxion) material or media. This material is highly effective at removing both biological and chemical impurities alike from your shower water or any water that passes through such filters. 

SparkPod's filtered shower head is composed of 2 parts that each serve a purpose. First comes a high-pressure shower head with 3 pressure-boosting options. Second is a 12-stage filtration technology embodied in a chrome capsule shape.


SparkPod High Pressure Shower Head with Filter


The shower head is very easy to install and it comes with a brass swivel ballpoint to help you tilt the shower head as you desire.

The nozzles are Nano Nozzles which on top of increasing the pressure of the water, it helps you save water and therefore money on your bills. They are also made of premium rubber material which makes them easy to clean by hand from calcium cumulations and lime buildup.

Amongst the 12-stages of the filtration is coconut activated carbon, alkaline ceramic, magnetic energy balls, and many more.

These twelve layers come together to remove chlorine, toxins, and impurities from shower water. It also disinfects and oxygenates it and reduces impure odors, giving you and your children the cleanest shower water of all times.

Why SparkPod's Shower Filter works

Do Shower Filters Help Hair?  

Shower head filters help reduce hair thinning and hair fall associated with chlorinated water. They are not only good for your hair however.

The benefits of filtering your shower water are many! The reason shower head filters are good for your hair is the same reason they are good for your skin.

Apart from helping ensure that your shower water is free of bacteria, these filters also ensure that your water is free of chlorine and chloramines as mentioned earlier.  

Chlorine has the tendency to strip more than 90% of the oil layer that covers your skin. This layer is partly responsible for the natural production of vitamin D when you’re exposed to sunlight. Removal of this natural layer of oil results in diminished vitamin D production as well as in a degradation of vitamin E, another nutrient that is essential for healthy skin and hair.

Further, the removal of your skin’s naturally occurring protective oil layer can also result in itchiness, rashes, and in extreme cases, infection.  

If the effects of chlorine on the skin and hair weren’t bad enough, chlorine’s volatile nature can result in trace level evaporation that can cause irritation to the eyes and respiratory system. This is another negative effect of not using filtered water that your shower head filter will prevent.    

So is filtered water better to shower with? It most certainly is!   

Showering with filtered water has many benefits

How to Install/Change a Shower Filter? 

Shower filter installation is not that complicated. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to install a hard water shower head filter or any other kind of shower filter.

To begin with, pick and choose from the many shower filter options we have available. Once you’ve chosen your respective shower filter or shower filter head, as well as a shower filter capsule that suits your needs, it's simply a matter of attaching the capsule to the shower arm in your bathroom.

Next, you need to attach your shower head to the shower filter capsule and voilà – clean clear water for you to shower with!  

Assembling a shower filter is pretty simple, too.

Each component is designed with grooves which allow you to simply screw on and screw off various parts of your shower; the filter capsule, the head, and so on, as needed.

Both shower filter capsules and shower heads are available in a range of shades and finishes so you can pick and choose what suits your overall shower or bathroom décor best.

How to change SparkPod's shower water filter

Most attachments are designed to be compatible with ½ inch shower pipes and only need replacement once their effectiveness has diminished. Most filters need only be changed after an estimated ten thousand gallons of water has passed through them.  

Why And How To Filter Your Shower Water: In a Nutshell  

To bring things to a close, showering with filtered water is extremely important today – not just because of the potential organic impurities present, but also because of the chemical content of tap water that results from urban water purification.  

Using filtered water to shower guarantees better skin, better hair, and better overall health with absolutely no compromise of hygiene. It doesn’t matter if you live in a crowded city or in a small town somewhere in the USA, using a shower filter is highly recommended.  

Shower filter installation is also a hassle-free process which only takes a few minutes. In short, if you’re someone who is concerned with both hygiene and better health when it comes to you and your family, having access to clean water via a shower filter is highly recommended.  

The SparkPod High Pressure Shower Water Filter fits standard pipes

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