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How To Save Water In The Shower
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How To Save Water In The Shower

If you’re worried about wasting water in the shower and are currently looking for water saving tips, you’ve come to the right placel. Over the course of this blog, we’re going to answer questions like:  


  • Why should we save water in the shower? 
  • How long should a shower be to save water? 
  • How much water does a 10 minute shower use?  
  • Are 20 minute showers too long? 

Apart from the above, we’re also going to answer the big question; how to save water in the shower? 


How To Save Water In The Shower 

How To Save Water In The Shower 

Showers are Healthy   

Before we get into the saving bit, let’s just take a minute to appreciate the fact that showers are great!

They aren’t just a great way to clean up or feel refreshed at any given point in your day or week – they are also said to offer several significant benefits including the:

  • improvement of cardiovascular health and brain function
  • reduction of muscle stress and inflammation
  • enhancement of blood circulation

But health benefits offered by showers don’t stop there. Hot showers help us sleep better whereas cold showers are said to give your immune system a boost according to some sources.  

Keeping all this in mind, you may be second guessing yourself about wanting to save water. If that’s the case, here’s a gentle reminder on why saving water in the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else is a good idea!          

Why Should We Even Bother? 

We all know that when it comes to natural resources, water is possibly one of our most precious. It is also something many consider a basic human right.

That said, an article on Investopedia that was published last year, describes water as a commodity, proceeding to state that it is possibly the most important natural resource available.

It is also no secret that over the past few decades (the last ten years in particular), we’ve been in a little trouble with regards to the amount of water we have access to in proportion to our need for it.

According to statistics, water usage has seen a major increase, the result of which is also depletion of renewable water sources.  

Though the UN Water Development Report 2022 attempts to paint a somewhat rosy picture by focusing on the extraction and management of existing ground water reserves, the ground reality (no pun intended) seems to be a stark contrast.

According to Science Daily, an 80% increase in water scarcity is predicted for the century ahead – something to think about.

In any case, saving water in this day and age and being wise with water usage is an individual step we can all take which will likely be highly effective collectively. 

How Long Should a Shower be to Save Water? 

A Harvard University article on sustainability puts the length for a regular shower for the average person in the US at 8 minutes.

But how long should you take a shower to save water?

As per expert opinion keeping in mind things like water flow and the types of showerheads used – the ideal time for a shower lies within the range of five minutes! 

How Much Water Does a 10 Minute Shower Use? 

As mentioned in the point above, among the things taken into account when trying to come up with an average figure for water consumption against the length of one’s shower, are the dimensions of the showerhead being used.

When using a standard showerhead, the average consumption rate of water per minute is two and a half gallons.

That would mean, one 10-minute shower consumes at least 25 gallons of water. 

Are 20 Minute Showers too Long? 

A twenty-minute shower, particularly one with hot water can certainly be classed as ‘too long’. What may come as a surprise is that we’re not saying this from a resource management or sustainability standpoint, rather, from that of dermatological health.

Hot showers longer than 5 – 8 minutes, especially when taken regularly are associated with issues like dry, dehydrated and itchy skin. 

One thing that does seem clear is that too much of a good thing (regardless of what the good thing may be can be damaging).

In other words, whether you’re doing it for the environment, to leave future generations a planet with a more abundant water supply, or simply for your own health, saving water in the shower and elsewhere is probably something to consider. 

How to Save Water in the Shower? 

Being clear on all respective why’s and what’s we’re now going to address the million-dollar question; the one of bathroom water saving tips.

When it comes to saving water while we shower, the methods below are certainly the sort you should try out for starters!  

Skip the Water Heating  

Though some of us absolutely love cold showers, others may be a little more sensitive to sudden temperature shifts. Due to this, many of us may be in the habit of leaving our showers running for minutes on end, waiting for the water to warm up before we step in.

We’re not asking you to challenge yourself with an ice bath.

All we’re saying is to pull your socks up, just a little, and try not to run your water prior to showering for more than 30 – 40 seconds. This is usually more than enough time for the heated water to start exiting your showerhead and keeping the run time to a minimum prior to showering, you do save a whole lot of water long term. 

Shorter Showers Save Water  

Why shorter showers save water is self-explanatory. Less flow time equals less water consumption.

If you’re someone who is accustomed to spending a while in the shower or someone who likes to take a minute under the running water, maybe save those leisurely baths for weekends or special occasions.

Keeping your showers short will not only save water but will also help keep your skin healthier as excessively long showers do wash away essential nutrients.

Shorter showers are one of the most efficient ways to save water! 

Install Water Saving Shower Heads 

One thing you might want to consider is having water saving shower heads installed in your home.

Such shower heads are not only easy to use, clean, and maintain – they also offer a range of other features that you may find useful.

If you’re worried that these showerheads will take away from that refreshing showering experience of being doused with drops of water at a comfortable pressure, you’re wrong.

You have products like our SparkPod high pressure rain shower head. The high pressure rain shower head offers you all the joy of a luxury spa shower in your very own home.


SparkPod's High Pressure Rain Shower Head saves water in the shower


Better yet, you get to save on water without compromising even one bit on comfort. The shower head offers a range of pressure settings for a powerful and fulfilling shower spray.

Switching over to such products will not just benefit you, but will help you do your bit for the environment while maintaining (if not exceeding) your own standards of a good, comfortable, refreshing shower.  

Shower as Needed  

According to sources, we don’t really need to shower as frequently as many of us might think we do.

This is not to say that you should slack on your personal hygiene.

This is just saying that depending on where you live, what you do, how hot or humid it is where you are, and on other such factors, your bare minimum shower requirement may vary.

Further, overfrequently showering as stated previously in this blog is not the best thing when it comes to the natural balance of the surface of your skin and can cause issues.

Understand how frequently you need to shower – usually once a day is good enough. Being excessive and needlessly decedent with your water usage in this day and age isn’t the smartest thing!  

How To Save Water In The Shower: Conclusion 

Keeping in mind the subject matter of this blog and the answers to frequently asked questions, you probably have a much clearer picture on exactly how saving water while you shower is a benefit both to you and to the world in general.

It’s not about being an ascetic, but it's not about being excessive either. The purpose of showering, before comfort, is cleanliness.

Keep hygiene as your prime priority, and relaxation as a close second, and then proceed to do what you need to in order to find and maintain that fine balance.  

Doing things like shaving a few minutes of your daily shower ritual, investing in the right kind of shower head, and being a little more responsible with running taps are all things that will most certainly help you save water in the shower! 

How to save water in the shower

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